Towards Reproducible Wireless Experiments Using R2lab


Mohamed Naoufal Mahfoudi, Thierry Parmentelat, Thierry Turletti and Walid Dabbous

Abstract [paper]

Reproducibility is key in designing wireless systems and evaluating their performance. Trying to reproduce wireless experiments allowed us to identify some pitfalls, and possible ways to simplify the complex task of avoiding them. In this paper we expose a few considerations that we learned are instrumental for ensuring re- producibility of wireless experiments. en we describe the steps we have taken to make our experiments easy to reproduce. We speci cally address issues related to wireless hardware, as well as varying propagation channel conditions. We show that an extensive knowledge of the used hardware and of its design is required to guarantee that the inner state of the system has no negative impact on performance evaluation and experimental results. As for variability of channel conditions, we make the case that a special setup or testbed is necessary so that one can control ambient wireless propagation environment, using for instance an anechoic chamber like R2lab.