Experimenting Coded Slotted Aloha (Work-in-Progress)


Cedric Adjih and Vinod Kumar

Abstract [paper]

In this document/presentation, we describe work in progress addressing one problem: massive machine type communication (mMTC). One random access method targeting mMTC is “Coded Slotted Aloha” (CSA). Although, there is a large literature on the variants of CSA, many publications ignore fading or capture effects. Additionally, in practice, the quality of the repeated inter-slot SIC is paramount to the performance of CSA, and is not so straightforward to estimate theoretically.
For this reason, it is of prime interest to perform empirical analysis/experimentation of CSA. We presents the status of current work, on one real experiment where the central receiver performs full CSA on 21 nodes within 23 slots. Work is in progress, as SIC could be improved.